Communications Strategy

As an experienced communications firm, McFarland & Co. can help your organization develop a winning message, structure and communications plan. We know how to integrate an effective communications strategy with other departments in a campaign or non-profit, including grassroots organizing, advocacy, political and fundraising. As an agile shop, our flexibility offers numerous advantages to organizations and campaigns with a budget that prohibits a communications department. As your partner in a sustained communications drive, we can ensure that your organization’s message is successful.

Media Relations

McFarland & Co. utilizes its strong relationships with reporters, new media and legacy media outlets to bring your organization’s needs to the forefront of the media dialogue. Through traditional press releases or creative earned media events, we provide a variety of strategies to help your organization’s message make its way into the press. Whether through working with your grassroots network or holding a press conference, McFarland & Co. can help ensure that your effort makes news.

Issue Advocacy

One of the first steps in achieving your organizations goals, is increasing public awareness. McFarland & Co. can elevate your organization’s mission in the public eye to help ensure your success. With three decades of experience in grassroots and grass tops organizing, we can help you build visible public and legislative support for your cause.

Government Relations

As an experienced firm with a record of success, we can utilize a wide range of solutions to help you achieve your legislative goals. McFarland & Co. has built strong relationships over the years with elected officials on both the state and federal levels. These relationships allow us to bring your priorities straight to the desks of our government’s key policy makers.

Rapid Response

Things happen. And when things happen, it is important that your organization’s message and mission remains steady. Whether in response to a crisis or a recent success, your organization needs to seize that opportunity to further your message. The agility offered by McFarland & Co. enables you to frame your message in the context of these events with a swift response.


Whether you are preparing for your lobby day or GOTV, the team at McFarland & Co. can train your campaign, organization or non-profit to effectively carry your message. Through training, we have helped organizations like Wellstone Action and the Human Rights Campaign turn progressive advocates into progressive champions.